About the Caribbean LCC Conservation Planning Atlas

The Caribbean LCC Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a science-based mapping platform where Caribbean LCC’s Conservation Action Teams, collaborators, partners, and LCC members can view, retrieve and perform analyses on geospatial data with specific conservation goals and priorities.

The CPA was created in an effort to fulfill the mission of the Caribbean LCC: to develop and implement coordinated, efficient, and effective landscape-scale conservation design and strategy to conserve, restore and sustain ecological and cultural resources and human well-being in the Caribbean inside and outside of CLCC jurisdictional boundaries.

From land to seascapes, Puerto Rico. Jerry Bauer

What are the Caribbean LCC’s Conservation Action Teams (CATs)?

The CLCC Conservation Action Teams (CATs) work together on the conservation of land and seascapes valued by citizens to improve water quality and habitats, sustain working lands and seas, enhance urban forests and green areas, and preserve and restore historic and cultural treasures.

Members include public servants in government agencies, community leaders, advocates, educators, scientists and researchers, students, business owners, and concerned citizens.

The CLCC supports and/or funds conservation action projects that assist habitats, species, and society responses to landscape level stressors, like climate change, shifts in land-use, urban expansion, agricultural and fishing changes, and invasive species.

How the CATs use the Conservation Planning Atlas

Data can be searched, visualized and used in analyses. Additionally, your own data can be uploaded to your account, areas of interest (AOIs) can be drawn on the maps and used with the datasets already available.

These galleries focus on the needs of the Caribbean LCC’s Conservation Action Teams (CATs), providing geospatial data relevant to the CATs’ objectives, scenarios and decision making with a primary geographic focus on Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean region.

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Estate Thomas experimental forest. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Grizelle González

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